10 thoughts on “3 dead after gunmen open fire on popular Mexican beach

  1. Gun control is really working well in Mexico, obviously. Nancy Pelosi probably blames all that full auto fire on US gun shows.

  2. Until the Mexican government cleans up the drugs in Mexico i wouldn't spend a dime let alone take a Free Paid Vacation in that drug infested corrupt nation .

  3. Super smart Mexico. Start shooting up tourists. Then you'll REALLY be dead broke. People barely go there as it is. The resorts are all that's left for you idiots to make money.

  4. Of course, let's have more illegal immigration, like we don't have enough f*cking trouble in the US!

  5. Ooo… I wonder what that crappy president will say when he finally has to answer for this crap that has been spilling into the USA for decades. I know, he'll get on CNN, MSNBC, Telemundo, Al Jeezera, etc. and blame everything on President Donald J. Trump. Just like Rahm does here in chicago. No accountability for their obvious inadequacies as leaders.

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