Anaheim Aipoms vs Los Angeles Landorus! NPA Season 2: Week 12 Pokemon WIFI Battle vs @JerryOak!

Yo! What’s going on homies? KyleAye here with our NPA Season 2 Week 12 Matchup vs the Los Angeles Landorus coached by JerryOak! Please hit that like button for some NPA HYPE!! (liking the video is free [= and it helps me out a lot!) Let’s bring home a W this week and try to snap this losing streak!! As you know, we uploaded a team builder video last night and the team is looking sexy this week! WE NEED TO KEEP WINNING TO KEEP THE PLAYOFF DREAM ALIVE!!

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Team Prep Video:

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13 thoughts on “Anaheim Aipoms vs Los Angeles Landorus! NPA Season 2: Week 12 Pokemon WIFI Battle vs @JerryOak!

  1. How could you do sabotage in the last round man? 🙁 In fact, your opponent made a mistake with Slowbro because bro could take a u-turn with regenerator and kill beedrill after. gg 🙂

  2. Oh damn that ending. So close yet so far. But don't worry, u had fantastic season. You'll win the next one

  3. Noooooooooo!!!! You had the win!!!!! Uturn did like 80% last time and I you even said that it did a lot 🙁 damnit man you had the sweep comeback!!!! Great match though man so close!!!!

  4. U turn killed because it was boosted by Adaptibility. Knock off isn't stab plus Slowbro can take it.

  5. I was screaming at my computer: U-TURN! It's stab! gg man! thanks for the entertainment! you're getting better as a battler. keep your head up!

  6. Ahhhhhhhhh bruh, so close! Well there 1 more week we can still go neutral with the differential so fingers crossed for that!

  7. if something does much damage you should damage calce it then you would have noticed that metagross has choice band it doesnt matter in this match but it could help in further ones

  8. NOOOOOOO WHY NO U-TURN ????? ;-((((((((
    It would have killed the Slowbro, but the right play for Jerry would have been to switch out onto Tornadus-T to get that Regenerator boost, but man I'm so sad you lost 🙁

  9. Bro…hey dude, in my book you won. That was seriously an awesome battle…and no lie, I got giddy towards the end! Proud of ya man! He's a great player and you would have one that battle had it not been for the misplay, you should definitely be proud of that fam 🙂

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