Heart Of The City | Los Angeles: LA’s Basketball Family – Meet The Holidays [Bonus 4]

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When it comes to LA basketball, Aaron Holiday’s family legacy is pretty deep. Both of his parents were college basketball players and l his 3 siblings all earned college basketball scholarships.. His older brothers, Justin and Jrue, now both play in the NBA and most recently, Justin became a 2015 NBA Champion with the Golden State Warriors. While basketball is a family tradition, Aaron has never felt pressure to play and has always gotten support from his parents and siblings to be himself. Now, he will be heading to UCLA this fall.

Los Angeles, CA will always be the land of glitz and glamour. But how does the next batch of hoop stars not get caught up in the HYPE? Devin Williams (Shift Team HQ) travels back to his hometown and revisits his basketball roots to find out.

“Heart of the City” is a documentary web series that tells the story of 6 North American cities through the lens of basketball. Each episode focuses on a different city and throws the viewer into the middle of the hoops scene. Every journey needs a guide and ours is Devin Williams of Shift Team HQ. Devin is a trainer, a former player, and a student of the game.

Throughout the series, Devin watches up-and-coming local players try to become the city’s best and spends time in the gym with top trainers and coaches.

But that’s not it… We also dive deeper into the day-to-day lives of the characters who define the game in their city. We see what their lives look like. Where they come from. Where they’re going. What drives them. It’s a ground-level, slice of life approach that, at the end of an episode, is both a pulse-taking of each city’s basketball culture, but also a portrait of that city itself.

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– Executive Producer: AJ Chan
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– Producer: Jonel Seon
– Host: Devin Williams
– Editor: Matt Green
– Videographer: Ben Fredman
– Music: “In Tune With Nature” by Brock Berrigan

– Marcus LoVett, Sr., We Win West Basketball Team
– Aaron, Shawn & Toya Holiday
– Rich Goldberg, ARC Youth Basketball
– Campbell Hall School
– Frederick K.C. Price III Christian School

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