HOW WE DO IT: Visit Los Angeles Home’s **Wine Cellar** w/ Cooling Unit Master Pt. 3

Using a split system refrigeration system from US Cellar Systems, Mario Morales at M&M Cellar Systems installed the perfect method of cooling this gorgeous Los Angeles home wine cellar.

Located in the suburb of Calabasas, in Los Angeles County, California, this home’s wine cellar can be seen as you walk in the front door of the residence. With a glass wine display, you can see into the walk-in wine room.

Mario explains in this video the particular model of the cooling unit that he chose for this project—an RM series 4600 by one of their trusted manufacturing partners, US Cellar Systems.

Mario also talks about the advantages of using a line set that allowed him to use a small tube to vent the air in and out of the wine room to the condenser unit. This prevented him from having to use large ducting, which would have required more evasive construction to the home.

1551 East Gage Ave
Los Angeles, California 90001

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