Los Angeles Metro Expo Line – Phase II Tour, Part 1

A speedy, time-lapse trip through the disputed rail right-of-way for Metro’s Expo line – currently being built from Downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica.

Starting about 6 blocks West of Robertson & Venice through West LA to the corner of Pico & Sawtelle! Yes, no kidding – this is West LA and it was shot on July 10 & 11, 2010.

The homeowners around this part of the line (Cheviot Hills) are annoyed because a train is coming, so they decided to sue the city to stop it claiming it’s not “safe.” You be the judge – a massively wide right-of-way sitting unused and tunnels & bridges already in place from the last streetcar line we had here!

Let’s hope these NIMBYs lose and the city wins.

I made this film with a home brew steadycam, a Panasonic Lumix TZ-10 camera, Apple’s iMovie and a lot of walking. 😉

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15 thoughts on “Los Angeles Metro Expo Line – Phase II Tour, Part 1

  1. The Santa Monica Air Line was discontinued in 1954, not 1965. And I told you why, according to a former motorman I knew who himself lived in Santa Monica. I prefer the simplest explanation over the far-fetched.

  2. Santa Ana is pushing to remake a small portion of the ROW diagonal that once ran to Bellflower. But it will end as it enters Garden Grove crossing Harbor Blvd.To continue to downtown LA as the orig did will have to overcome a lot

  3. Nice video. This before and after event of this metro line remind me the words i read from " Mr. Williams Huntington" who many many people does not know who is him. When General Motors Co. along with bad politicians took away Pacific Electric from the low income society which was the main transportation to go around and go to work at low cost. "William Huntington" swear and promised after government and General Motors close the rail line in 1965 that one day his efforts will come back to life and probe the world that they way wrong by closing Pacific Electric Rail lines . People, just how you see this video from many years ago …you would see more …nonetheless…this videos cannot help unless we help. Whats the benefit??? less trafic and better air quality. The old orange line for West Santa ana line needs support. From Union Station to Santa Ana train Station. Metro Link have to go…to many air pollution and accidents along with noise. We need real electric rail. All these politicians are making money from Metro Link which is a wasted of time and mone. If you like this comments please support the movement…our way we move would be much faster and better. Thank you

  4. I've ridden the Expo Line recently and I remember watching this video years ago wondering how the final product will look like. It's amazing how much more beautiful things look now compared to when the video was shot.

  5. THIS piece of video history should be given to the MTA so that it can be compared to the NOW COMPLETED "Expo Line Extension" that opened this weekend (on 05/20/16!)!

  6. Not interesting at all This right of way would not work for a successful transit line as it does not pass through business, shopping or cultural areas of interest. The system needs to be built underground and fast enough to connect disjointed population centers and popular destinations.

  7. I used to have a yard customer who had once been a motorman on the Santa Monica Air Line (The Pacific Electric) than ran on this right-of-way. He said that once automobile traffic started impinging on the part of this line that ran on city streets the service slowed down–to about 13 mph.

  8. I love this video and have shared it with several people. I was just wondering if you ever did "Part 2." Was that supposed to continue and show the route into Santa Monica to it's termination point? Cheers!

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