MY GO-TO JEANS GUIDE FOR SHORT GIRLS | the struggle is over, i got you

Let’s discuss my go-to jeans guide for short girls, wide hips, and little calves. This has been a struggle for US ALL. But with time, travel and experimenting… I believe I have found some of the best, trendies jeans on the market suitable to ALL girls… but this ones for my shorties. 🙂

1. CHEAP MONDAY – high waisted super skinny jeans
size: 24-25
price estimate: – per pair

2. ZARA – basic denim jeans
size: 02
price estimate: – per pair

3. TOPSHOP – joni jeans
size: w25l28 (petite) or w25l30
price estimate: – per pair

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17 thoughts on “MY GO-TO JEANS GUIDE FOR SHORT GIRLS | the struggle is over, i got you

  1. Omg SO useful, I've been seriously needing to buy new jeans, and didn't know where to start… LOVE U JAZ!!

  2. I'm 5'0". I don't want a pair of jeans that are a struggle to get on. I'm not fond of skinny jeans I feel like I'm suffocating my lower body so if it's taking you over 5min to pull them up & you're having to do some form of karate to get them to fit then they're not for me lol and I also prefer flare jeans(bell bottoms). Just overall comfort jeans. Maybe I should just strictly where sweat pants lol <3 I still haven't found a reasonably priced pair that are actually comfortable.

  3. Thank you for making these kinda videos you're awesome! You inspired me to start lifting weights again and now you are inspiring me fashion wise. Thank you Jazmin!

  4. Jazmine… from one short/athletic girl to another, you should check out 7 For All Mankind's Blair Ankle Skinny jeans. They are all I own because I love them so much!

  5. Yay! Thanks for making this video, I've been dying to find a pair that fits nice in the butt while still flattering for a small girl. Ps. Another good brand of jeans is levis! They're expensive but they fit really nicely as well!

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