– Fire Escape Seminar Los Angeles, CA – 888-214-4888 – Part 2

Free Fire Escape Awareness seminar in Los Angeles, CA for various Reg 4 Testers and Inspectors. Sponsored by with a presentation by instructor and Fire Escape Engineer Cisco Meneses of 1-800-649-3333. FREE Pre Recorded Seminar Classes Online from the following cities. Newark NJ, New York NY, Springfield IL, NYC, Washington DC, Los Angeles CA, Chicago IL, East Orange NJ, Lowell Ma, Boston Ma,

Points of Interest:
-Original Hardware on fire escapes that are 50-75 years old and show no evidence of having ever been maintained, other than a paint job.
-Spaulding Cement Connections into the buildings.
-Rusty Tread Connections.
-Unbalanced Ladders and/or Cantilevers that are rusted or broken.
-Surface Rust that has not been painted in over 25 years.
-Violations should read Inspect/Repair, Paint, Load Test

Fire Escape Engineer Cisco Meneses has been a pioneer in training and raising awareness through his Nationwide Fire Escape awareness seminars taught to Fire, Code, and Housing Officials. He has also introduced proper fire escape inspection, repair and training with the creation of his Industry Standard Documentation for his fire escape awareness programs throughout the U.S. Working with Boston’s WHDH Channel 7, he helped Hank Phillippi Ryan show viewers the disturbing fact that about 80% of Fire Escapes in Massachusetts have not been certified in the past 25 years or more. In the majority of states, the law requires that Fire Escapes be inspected every 5 yrs to avoid any violations or liability issues. You can visit our website or call 1-888-214-4888

Fire Escape Awareness

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