Night Driving Tour of Los Angeles! Old Fairfax and 3rd St, Melrose Ave fashion stores & Restaurants

This is a big night driving tour of Los Angeles with commentaries.

Skyline Sunglasses Los Angeles:

Midnight Club: Los Angeles. Driving video game:

GTA V drive around Los Angeles:

It takes you through best places that only locals frequent, such as Fairfax Ave near Canter’s and Roberson​ Blvd interior decorator ant fashion stores.
Have you seen Santana Monica Blvd night clubs without sitting in traffic? This is the night. Live music in old Troubadour.

Big! Night Tour of LA! Old Fairfax and 3-rd St, Melrose Ave fashion store fronts & Santa Monica Blvd.

I tell the story of the old Los Angeles streets and popular stores and restaurants that were there and gone and those that are still there.
Last look at 2 American apparel stores before they are gone, one on Melrose Ave and another in West Hollywood.

this is a Los Angeles dashcam channel.

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